Sunday, January 4, 2009

We're at the Kibo Hotel in Marangu.

We left Moshi at around 4pm and took a 30 minute cab ride to the Kibo Hotel in Marangu. This is a stately old place full of mahogany & memories. The concierge, waiters and even the mirriad waiting 'hands', speak in hushed tones of the time that Jimmy Carter came to Kibo.

We're in the foot hills of Kilimanjaro, and as the elevation increases, so too does our anxiety... "How hard is this really going to be?" We watched a freshly returned group of climbers, noting their serious demeanour and when asked to describe their experience they merely answer "hard, it's all hard."

We had supper in the stately dining hall which is adourned with trophies of successful summits. Signed flags, teashirts and even a crimson bra, all carry the message that it IS possible. So with that hopeful mantra we are off to bed and let's see what tomorrow brings. TTFN.


  1. Hi Kerith and Sarah

    Did you get your luggage back? Kelly, Hannah, Kip and Tika are all well. Best wishes for the "journey".

    Kathy and Sophie

  2. Wow..we are enjoying the journalling here in Gibsons. I have put a picture of Kilimanjaro on my screensaver and think of you often and wonder how your journey is going. I am so glad you are doing the hard part. We love you both and wish you well on your adventure.

  3. I hope you didnt check your shoes in, at least, Kerith - that's the hardest item to replace if the worst comes to the worst. Dont forget to post ALL of the details, for example at what altitude are you now? How is the weather? First emotions on seeing the mountain...?
    Drink lots of water and herb tea and dont eat too much fatty stuff (this may be a tall order where fried potatoes, fried chicken and beer are the most common thing on offer for tourists!) And dont let people coming down the mountain intimidate you. Every experience is different and you are both physically and mentally strong people and also well-prepared.
    Lots of love and good luck from Torielle, JJ, Anna and Tom