Monday, January 5, 2009

Climb Day minus One

We are now at the Marangu Hotel. Like the Kibo Hotel, it boasts a 1932 vintage and whereas the Kibo is a more imposing edifice, the Marangu is layed out Campus style in sprawling manicured grounds with rooms comprising individual residences.
Our own residence has 8 beds which one would normally consider a little excessive, however right now every bed is strewn with gear, gear and more gear!
Dora, the equipment queen/Quarter Master has gone though our stuff, and given invaluable advice over what to bring - and not!
On the 'luggage' front, - Sarah's bag has arrived (via Nairobi - go figure!) but not mine! Panic... who me? However I have assurance that it is now in Tanzania and I should receive it later today. Thank god I bought this phone and have been able to 'motivate' the powers that be!


  1. Just had a good vibe. Jan 9 2009 is my birthday. You will be well on your way and I will be thinking of you all day.
    Best wishes and happy climbing.
    Love Barb

  2. Good luck guys! You're living the dream...

  3. Best wishes to all for a great climb! Give Susan a big hug from the birthday club!!!

    Kathy M

  4. We're so proud of you guys, especially you Sarah. And we are very sure you can do it, so just relax and have fun.

    what an awesome thing you are doing.


  5. I can't believe you guys are on your way up!

    There's an article in the West Newbury News about the journey... mom, you're a small town celebrity!

    We'll all say a little prayer for you tonight at Vespers. I love you guys. Safe climbing!

    love love love,

  6. Where are you now? I hope no news is good news, you found your luggage and are now acclimatising on the slopes of the mountain?
    Love from us all

  7. Hi Mom!! And others! Miss you all, and it sounds like you had the trip from hell, but it's all over now and you can being adventuring!!

    Hope everything is going great and good luck with the climb!! Love you all!

    xx Abby

  8. Vanessa & I are imagining you up on this glorious mountain. Then we imagine you home and hearing all about it.
    Love from The Us!