Friday, January 9, 2009

Today (Friday) we were supposed to start at 7:30AM however actually started at 5:30AM when an energetic East Indian group on the other side of the partition wall started getting ready for their descent.  We finally gave up any pretense of sleep at 6:30AM and discussed the night's 'endeavours'.  It seemed that it was fairly successful with most of us getting at least 6 hours of continuous sleep , which is not bad at this altitude.  At 7:30AM we were greeted by the smiling face of Sosta, the head guide, with a thermos of hot chi tea.  I think Sosta's beautiful smile was even more welcome than the teak.  At 8:30AM we congregated in the dining hall for another sumptuous meal, comprising water melon, cornflakes with a little milk powder and hot water (it's good...honest) followed by bacon and eggs, and cucumber.

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  1. Hi Sarah and Kerith,

    Jeanne and I talk about your trip everyday on our walk. What an adventure, if anyone can do it you guys can. Our positive thoughts are with you and we are with you in spirit.