Monday, January 12, 2009

These boots have climbed Kilimanjaro!

At 3pm on Monday 12th January, we arrived back at the park entrance. We left Horombo Camp at 8.00am and walked for 4 hours down though moorlands and rainforest to the Mandara Camp.
A hot lunch was waiting for us (brought up from the Marangu Hotel) and after eating and a brief rest we walked the remaining 2 1/2 hours to the park gate.
By the time we reached the gate, we were all spent. It was an incredible experience and to be honest the full enormity of our accomplishments won't really sink in till time and sleep has worked its magic.
We have one rest day at the Marangu Hotel before our next adventure begins and we will try to use some of this time to put up a full account of the last few days.


  1. as you were descending, what faces did you present to climbers who passed you on their way up? Have a great time on safari - can't wait to hear about it.


  2. I have goose bumps when I read of all that you have accomplished. Congratulations!

    Kelly Duval (Dover,NH - Joe's Mom)

  3. Susan, Sarah, Kerith, and Ellen,
    Congratulations to all of you! What's next?!
    Lisa Lyons

  4. Heartfelt Congratulations, what a tremendous achievement! Great choice to be with Marangu Hotel my husband and I climbed with them 18 months ago, had a blast. Kili experience is unforgettable. You guys are heroes, way to go

  5. What a great accomplishment for both of you, Kerith I'm thinking you will have way too much stamina on the squash court when you return. Sarah, Veronique is in awe of you!

  6. At the moment I am on sickleave because I sprained my ankle badly. On feb 23 I hope to be able to climb Kili with 3 friends, so I read your blog with atmost interest. What a great achievement! Congratulations! And it also gave me hope, because anything is possible: if you can do it with one leg (and sidestix, what an invention!), then why not with an ankle that's still recovering... Good luck and have a nice safari!
    Jacqueline, the Netherlands

  7. Well done guys - Congratulations! Normally I would say to a sailor, stay off the rocks, but to a climber - may both the sun and wind be at your backs, sure footed on your well deserved accomplishments - heros you are to us low landers.
    Dan and Bronia