Saturday, January 17, 2009

Repaired SideStix

Here's a picture of Sarah's SideStix. The repaired one is on the left.


  1. The whole family including the 90 year old have been fascinated by your amazing adventure. The only one who doesn't seem to be fazed by the enormity of your event is Kippy. She doesn't worry about climbing Kilimanjaro but her bed. Today the sun is shining here in Gibsons and Kippy is sleeping out on the front lawn dreaming about your amazing story. We love you both so much and look forward to the pull down big screen photo show on Beach Ave. I have started making snacks for the event.

    Love Barb

  2. Why not to try also underarm crutches , among other things it gives opportunity to get hands free if needed for some other temporary activities.
    There are some unipole high-tech models available, for example from Fetterman, with shock adsorbing and made from titanium, not aluminium. Very light and attractive.