Thursday, January 1, 2009

Night before Flight

Sarah's sending off last minute emails from Todd's apartment. We're off tomorrow and in some ways the flights are more daunting than the climb! (Almost 24 hours in the air!)
We're really excited, but now it's time for a few hours of sleep before the 'ordeal'.

This email has been sent from an Archos 5.

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  1. Hi Everyone, What a story. It should be a book or a movie. It truly is the "Engine that Could". You are all such an inspiration to myself and others. The picture of Sarah made me cry with happiness and pride that I know such people with that kind of inner strength. The design of Sarah's sidestix made a lifetime dream come true and can do the same for so many more people. I will be in the beautiful city of Vancouver in August. I will be ther 3 days before I take a cruise. Hopefully I can meet with Sarah for a coffee to see pictures and to hear about the trip even more. I would like to see the sidestix that made this incredible adventure possible. See you soon Sue and maybe Sarah in August. Be safe and God bless. Love, Phyllis