Saturday, January 3, 2009

Air France Rocks (no pun intended!)

We left LAX on our 10 hour Air France flight - somewhat jaundiced from our previous airline experiences. However Air France proved to be delightful with great staff, a truly excellent meal an a smooth and uneventful flight. With the added bonus of actual bona-fide SLEEP for 6 hours in the middle of the flight.

We arrived at CDG airport in Paris, and there was a short transfer to our next flight (which was Air France again) to Amaterdam. Although only a short flight, we were treated to a lovely supper of salmon locks, mini-croissant with cream cheese and some cream cookies that I really want the recipe for!

Our next task is to find a hotel in Amsterdam as our Kilimanjaro flight won't be leaving till 10am tomorrow. Now if I remember right, hotels wih red lights in the doorways mean vacancies... right ?


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